canted angle

  1. (TV, cinematography) A camera angle which is deliberately slanted to one side, sometimes used for dramatic effect to help portray unease, disorientation, frantic or desperate action, intoxication, madness, etc.

The idea for Canted Angle Media came about naturally as Jed Nichols, founder of CAM, expanded his workload throughout film school. Jed's love of film goes back to childhood, sitting in his favorite chair in theater 8 at Tandy 10 Cinema in North Little Rock, Ar. 

Jed's love of entertainment, fimmaking, film review, and perspective are well-represented throughout all of Canted Angle Media's works. With films such as JERRY THE WINO, SUN, ITCH, and the upcoming BAD TRIP, Canted Angle Media constantly and consistently represents all of the best of cinema's details, spoken through the perspective of CAM's founder, Jed Nichols.

Springfield, Missouri    |    cantedanglemedia@gmail.com    |    (501)-605-7989

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