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canted angle

  1. (TV, cinematography) A camera angle which is deliberately slanted to one side, sometimes used for dramatic effect to help portray unease, disorientation, frantic or desperate action, intoxication, madness, etc.

The idea for Canted Angle Media came about naturally as Jed Nichols, founder of CAM, expanded his workload throughout film school. Jed's love of film goes back to childhood. His mother, Reba, and siblings, Don, Jamie, Katie and Shannon, would spend several hours a week at movie theaters around the tri-county area surrounding Little Rock, Arkansas. Many days, they would buy tickets to two or three films at a time. Jed's father, Jim, was a lover of classic Hollywood cinema.


With films like Camelot, Jeremiah Johnson, Major Payne, and A Christmas Story on the movie shelf in his house, Jed was surrounded by cinema. And so, a cinephile was born. Jed attended Missouri State University from 2014-17, accumulating as much standard film training as he could, as well as pursuing cinematography in his spare time and outside of college. Speciaizing in writing, directing, cinematography, producing, gaffing, and acting, Jed's love of cinema is broad and cultured.

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